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A Few Friends

Janelle Hallman is an international speaker and one of the leading minds on sexuality in our country.  She helps many woman heal and break the bonds of female homosexuality and unhealthy emotional dependence.  Her ministry and life is one of compassionate grace to hurting souls.  She sent along these kind words last week,

I am thrilled to hear about Ben and Ann's upcoming conference. I sense that God is absolutely delighted to use these two humble vessels for His purposes. The thing that I have appreciated most about Ben and Ann over the years is their honesty and vulnerability. They are real people who have weathered real problems. Because of that, their ministry is full of grace and glory rather than shame and condemnation. Just listening to their story will inspire any believer to walk closer to Jesus and to pursue greater levels of integrity and forgiveness. Ben and Ann have committed themselves to being transformed into the image of Christ. This means they are willing to suffer and persevere. The path of suffering is not really popular in our "quick-fix" and "do whatever feels good" hedonistic culture. But the fruitfulness of Ben and Ann's lives and ministry testify to God's presence and blessing as we are willing to take up our crosses and follow Him. I know that this conference will be a time of pain but also celebration to many as commitments to marriages are renewed and foremost, commitments to Jesus, our first and only TRUE love, are set as a priority before all else. I praise God for these two special friends, and pray that God's spirit will envelop every person who sits under their powerful ministry. Janelle Hallman, MA, LPC

Another friend who shared some kind words is Mark Jones.  Mark counsels and coaches.  He is an artist and has a heart for ministering to those attempting to live their lives creatively.  He cares for others under the banner Art of the Soul.  Check his post out today on Tim McGraw's Drugs or Jesus.  He also linked to us a while back in The Miracle of Restoring Marriages.

Finally, at a Marriage Home Group dinner at our church a few weeks ago we had the chance to sit down with a bright engaging couple, mopsey and hubby of mopsey. Not their real names. :)  They are the first bloggers I've met there.  They are both readers and writers and they have some great looking kids.  You can check their stuff out at Lifenut.