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Rebuilding After an Affair TV show

We received our copy of the TV show 'Rebuilding After an Affair' which first aired Super Bowl Sunday.  The episode appeared on American Family which is on GoodLife TV Network.  They came to Denver and taped at our home.  We went to DC and  taped there

We are very proud of the show.  I hope it helps many who are dealing with the chaos of broken trust in a marriage.  The host of the show, former White House correspondent, Dr. Bettina Gregory was wonderful.  She sent us these kind words.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for appearing on "American Family" to share your incredible story of overcoming a marital affair.  You were both absolutely dynamite!  Your taped interviews and live discussion were not only informative, setting a really positive example for those struggling to rekindle their marriage after such a trauma, but also moving and very powerful emotionally. 

It took a great deal of time and effort, as well as courage, for you to tell the story of all that you have gone through.  The insights and honesty you offered were right on the money and extremely well articulated...

Warmest personal regards,

Bettina Gregory, Psy. D