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I Walk The Line, Johnny Cash and June Carter


Baby, baby, baby, baby!!  Wow!  I really liked the movie.  If you like Johnny Cash at all you'll like it and Reese Witherspoon was excellent.  So was Joaquin Phoenix.  He's just not as pretty as her. 

The music was toe tappin' good the whole night long.  Joaquin and Reese did their own singing. 

It was all good but there are two parts that I really liked.  The first scene had Johnny Cash talking about his grief of a loved one dying to June Carter.  He told her he hadn't talked about it in a long time because that's all he talked about for awhile and people just got tired of him talking about it.  I am leading a service of remembrance on December 16th for people that have had a loved one die this year or in years past and you can talk about your loved ones all you want there.  As long as you want too. 

The other part occurred when Johnny Cash was pitching the gig in Folsom Prison.  He was told by the record company folks that his fans were Christians and none of them would want to listen to him singing to a bunch of murderers and rapists helping them feel better.  Johnny Cash said, "They ain't Christians then."  Woohoohoo!  I'll have to check my heart and see where I'm not living that one out.

I give this one two thumbs up plus a Jerry Lee Lewis toe up.