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Marriages Restored World Headquarters Move To Warrensburg, Missouri

It's true.  We have departed the Denver area and I have taken a position as Care Ministry Pastor at First Baptist Church in Warrensburg, MO.  Ann and I will continue writing, holding conferences and counseling to aid couples dealing with the shattering reality of infidelity. 

The  world headquarters piece of the title is a poke at our American attitude where our football, baseball, and basketball professional champions are all called world champions.  My friend, Jim, spent six months in New Zealand and he said the Kiwis laugh at how we do that.  But I digress. 

To introduce us to the church, Dr. Paul Carlisle interviewed us for each of the three services at FBC W'burg this past weekend.  Click to download and hear us tell bits of our story in our inaugural services.  You'll hear Paul first and then he'll bring us in. 

My apologies during this transition time for my slow response time to emails and comments.