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Ann Wilson at Crossroads Church of Denver Women's Retreat

Ann Wilson recently spoke and performed drama at the Crossroads Church of Denver Women's Retreat. Over 200 women attended the retreat October 17-19 just outside of Winter Park, Colorado. Ann performed in three hilarious, yet meaningful skits. Ann played Nellie as a woman in her teens, 30's and 80's. In the first skit Nellie shares her faith with her two friends in the girls home. In her 30's Nellie develops an addiction to pain pills despite a 'successful' life complete with big house and four kids. Ann brought the house down with a backflip off the couch. In her 80's Nellie guides her friend BettyJean through guilt over a past affair. BettyJean learns that it is never too late to begin a relationship with Christ. With humor and tenderness Ann ministered to the crowd.
In her spare time Ann presented a workshop entitled, Making Poor Choices: The Path to Redemption. Ann broke the journey down in 5 sections; Conviction, Confession, Grief, Repentance and Grace. Ann shared from personal insight into her own profound redemption to aid these women through their shame. Below is a highlight from each section.

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