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Samson Society Virtual Retreat

This year has been stressful for everyone. Returning to the solace of familiar addictions has been part of the process for many of us. Fortunately, Nate Larkin and the Samson Society are offering their virtual retreat this weekend. 

Along with Nate, you'll have the pleasure of listening to Andy Gullahorn, songwriter extraordinaire, sing and tell stories. John Lynch will be the keynote speaker each day. Therapist and trauma expert, Kaka Ray will connect the pathways of trauma and addiction. Host of the Pirate Monk Podcast, Aaron Porter moderates and presents a workshop.

New pirate monk

These people aren't sharing information, they are sharing their messiness and encounters with grace. From that, you'll find hope and new directions. 

With COVID ramping back up, many of us need a place to recenter with others who have been broken on the wheels of living. I hope you'll join me there. 

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