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So Long Eugene


I served on church staff for 12 years. The writings of Eugene Peterson gave me hope when hopelessness, confusion, and anger overtook me like charging horses. His words calmed my soul and bridled the stallions. 

I'll always cherish the time I had in San Antonio at a big spirituality conference. The auditorium held a few thousand people. First Dallas Willard shuffled across the stage and talked. After him, Eugene, nearing 80, slowly stepped from the wings and small stepped his way to the podium. He wasn't a polished, energetic speaker. He read some from his latest book and talked a bit about life and God. With another, I may have been bored. With Eugene my heart pumped up, expanding with life. 

My pal, Winn Collier, pictured above with Eugene, is currently in the process of writing his story using some of the many letters Peterson received and wrote in response. 

Philip Yancey wrote a farewell to his personal friend. 

You can read his memories of Eugene Peterson here