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Closer: A Marriage Conference in Boulder County
Andy Gullahorn Says Attending Closer Is Probably a Good Idea For Your Marriage

Nate Larkin, A Pirate Monk


I've recently had the pleasure of spending time with Nate Larkin. He is a good man with a hard story. Fortunately, he is here to tell about it and share the message of authenticity and grace. 

Nate recently shared these words about Ann and me, 

When it comes to marriage, Ben and Ann Wilson are experienced trail guides.  They have helped countless couples avoid hazards, treat wounds, and find their way to a better place.  

Nate Larkin
Founder of the Samson Society
Author of Samson and the Pirate Monks; Calling Men to Authentic Brotherhood
Thanks Nate.
We hope you'll join us for our marriage event, Closer. October 19th and 20th at Calvary Church in Longmont, CO.