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Andy Gullahorn Says Attending Closer Is Probably a Good Idea For Your Marriage
So Long Eugene

Kelly Clarkson Backs Up Ben And Ann at Closer

Ann and I are getting ready to tell our messed up young kids, booze flyin', my lips are lying, should I stay or should I go, God's grace is bigger than sin don't you know story. So we needed a song to go with slides from our life. We thought about Could it be I'm Falling in Love by The Spinners and Let's Groove Tonight by Earth Wind and Fire, we joked about using Super Freak by Rick James when we looked up 1981 hits (the year we met). But we landed on one of our favorites that goes with being messed up kids but somehow hanging on to one another through some crazy turmoil. It's perfect or maybe it just has a good beat and it's easy to dance to. Although, with my rhythm nothing is really easy to dance to. Anyway, we went with Kelly and my Life Would Suck Without You. It's your classic love song. 


Hey if you want to hear Kelly backing up our pictures, join us on Friday and Saturday in Longmont, CO at Calvary Church

We have room for a few more couples to grow Closer this weekend. Register here 

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