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Andy Gullahorn Says Attending Closer Is Probably a Good Idea For Your Marriage


Andy Gullahorn is one of the finer singer-songwriters in Nashville. His music gets to the heart of the human experience. I've had the amazing pleasure of helping lead small groups at some healing men's intensives over the last several years. Andy joined us three years ago and leads other small groups there. 

We're both nines on the Enneagram which means we are masters at hanging out. Along with other men during our downtime, we talk deeply about life itsownself or cut up like teenagers with a lack of sleep. Andy is easy to be around. 

Andy offers these kind words for Ann and me, 

Ben and Ann Wilson have priceless gifts to offer any couple interested in growing together. They know what it is like to navigate through the ups and downs of married life, parenting and the individual journey towards self-awareness. 
So I'll go out on a limb with those words and say Andy thinks coming to the Closer Marriage Event, Oct. 19th and 20th would probably be a good idea. At Closer, Ann and I are sharing our story along with 2 other couples. We're in our 50's, one couple is in their 40's and another in their 30's. We'll also guide you in conversations and exercises with your spouse in being closer and how to be closer once you leave the weekend. We hope to see you there.  Register for Closer
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Take a listen to Andy's music below,