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Closer: A Marriage Conference in Boulder County

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Ann and I have led marriage events over the past 20 years. We've lived in Colorado, Missouri then back to Colorado again. We've also been invited to help with conferences in Oregon, Indiana and Afghanistan. Yep, Kabul Afghanistan. We loved our time there. 

We counsel couples 1-1 in the office or in mountain intensives. Occasionally, we'll travel to someones home for an intensive. We started out at the St. Malo's retreat center near Estes Park with several distressed couples over a long weekend. Since then we've shared our hearts and time sometimes with 1 couple, sometimes a few couples and sometimes with a hundred or more. 

With our experience, we've found that a combination of stories, teaching, reflection and conversation 1-1 with your mate is a great mix for couples to be impacted, change and move towards one another in safety and vulnerability. 

We enjoy seeing God work in the hearts of men and women in relationship. There is something about seeing a couple grow that grows my soul. It doesn't matter if a couple is generally in a good place, an ok state or hanging on for dear life, transformation and growth quickens me deep inside. 

We hope for that growth again at Closer. Usually an event like this will cost $300 or $400. Due to the generosity of Calvary Church in Longmont we're able to offer this one for only $60/couple. That's a great deal!

It's for any couple, married or not. We'd love to see you there. 

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