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Keeping Vows


Above, Jenny and Tyler performing in the gloaming. 

Heard this at my friend Taylor's 13th-anniversary party. He was celebrating God's grace and mercy in his marriage to his beautiful bride, Dacia. Part of the celebration included music and song with Jenny and Tyler. Jenny quoted a friend in saying this, 

Sweeter than the day we said our vows is the day we got to keep them. 

Lots of beautiful words are spoken on wedding days. Many promises. Many declarations. All seem easy to keep, easy to uphold in those initial marital celebrations. Yet, hurts and wounds, betrayal and lies may await down the road.

And redemption may also be crouching in the weeds waiting to pounce.

Keeping our vows doesn't mean we may never break them. It means when we examine our lives, traveling down to the core of our soul and our desires, we remember our vows, grieve our wayward directions, and return full-hearted to the spouse we love.