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Shame As Captor


Ann's post this morning.

This is kinda long, but Shame is such a BIG problem for so many of us, it is certainly worth the few minutes to read.

"Shame is like Stockholm syndrome. It holds us hostage, and after a while we subconsciously embrace it because it’s become our method of survival.

Shame is our captor, and we were never meant to be held captive.

We were meant to be captivated. God promises to restore the years the locusts have eaten, avows in Isaiah that “in place of your shame, you will have a double portion” (61:7).

You can only get two chapters into the Word before it comes spilling out, “Both the man and his wife were naked, yet felt no shame” (Gen. 2:25). This is how life began, in our Eden, naked and unashamed.

This is more than a longing; this is how we were created to be. This is the divine design of our humanity, that we would live with one another uncovered and unburdened.

Shame strips us of our confidence. It ensnares us with its subtle lies, leaving us longing and lonely."

~Kayla Aimee via Ann Voskamp

And if you didn't know, I have quite a bit to say about Shame myself in our book, Betrayed and Betrayer. Available here on Amazon...