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Surfing For God Weekend Intensive

Are you looking for a way out? Maybe you chronically get lost in pornography, could be every day or every so often. Perhaps you're in an affair or a series of affairs from which you just can't seem to break free. Do massage parlors containing sexual acts have a spot on your calendar? Sexual compulsion entices in a plethora of forms. But one thing is for sure, healing will involve reconnecting with the deeper desires of your heart. 

A couple times a year, I, and other licensed counselors, help facilitate small groups at the Surfing for God Weekend Intensive. I've seen these weekends bring life giving change to many souls. The hearts of men are awakened and released into new life over 66 hours underneath towering Pikes Peak. Is this your time? Do you need to experience freedom from bondage?

Check out this message from Michael John Cusick, author of Surfing for God. 


Weekend Intensive Website v.2 from Michael Cusick on Vimeo.


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