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Hope for The Betrayed and Betrayer
Betrayed and Betrayer On Sale November 2nd for $1.99

Betrayed and Betrayer Kindle Sale This Week

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We are in some good company today on the Best Sellers list for Marriage & Long-Term Relationships. I feel honored to be on the same page with Milan and Kay Yerkovich, Gary Thomas, Shaunti Feldhahn, and H. Norman Wright. May your marriage in crisis find healing and traction through our story and words. 

To celebrate my birthday on Thursday, Betrayed and Betrayer Kindle Version will be on sale on Amazon for $1.99. You, your friends in need or your clients will get 75% off. Friday, November 3rd the price goes to $3.99 or 50% off. For the weekend this raw, authentic worshipful guide can still be had for just $5.99 or 25% off. 

Pass this around so we can help as many couples as possible. May our story of redemption help other couples to eventually tell their stories of redemption.