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Betrayed and Betrayer: Rescuing Your Marriage After the Affair

Thanks Contessa for this latest Amazon review of Betrayed and Betrayer, 

What I appreciate about this book is its' honesty. There was no hiding of emotion for each of the authors. Their descriptive story was boldly told, leaving me (the reader) able to visualize and feel the burden placed on a Godly relationship when an affair comes to the forefront. It answers the question "where do we go from here" with wise Godly counsel and practicality. Thank you for your vulnerability! Without a doubt, I recommend this book to all who are searching for answers to strengthening their marriage, especially when divorce is taken off the table.


Our book will:

  • Help you heal your broken hearts

  • Offer hope in your pain and sorrow

  • Give you room to process your anger

  • Guide you in rebuilding trust

  • Assist in understanding why you did what you didn't want to do

  • Free you from the chains of shame and guilt

  • Provide guidance to connect on all levels of intimacy

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