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The Renewing of the Marriage Covenent and Individual Hearts as Well

Good Words for Betrayed and Betrayer

Stan and Elayna Utley have been good friends since our college days. Stan was a college roommate, All-American and team mate on our college golf team. Elayna is a woman of depth and integrity. There confidence and trust in us means a great deal to me. Here are their words about Betrayed and Betrayer: Rescuing your marriage after the affair. 

Raw and authentic woven with hope. "Betrayed and Betrayer" is a rare glimpse of raw authenticity regarding the maze of grief and recovery relating to relationship betrayal...specifically marriage betrayal. Having known Ben and Ann since all of us were barely 20, we fully attest to the truth of their story and the truth of their passion to facilitate hope in the lives of those seeking peace in the midst of deceit. 

-Stan & Elayna Utley, Longtime friends. Stan currently plays the PGA Champions Tour and is one of America’s top fifty golf instructors.

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