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Connecting My Soul With Ben's
Bringing Sensuality Back




We have a porch swing given to us by my father who passed away three days after he turned 61. Too young, I know. That swing quickly became a favored sanctuary of mine. I nap on the cushions my mom fashioned out of cloth and foam. I marvel at the mountains I see through the trees from my front porch. God visits me often on that wood and reminds me that I am his beloved daughter. Ben occasionally joins me on the swing to share a meal in the crisp evening air or just to breathe the same air.

Ben created a no-tech zone in our living room. It is simply a corner with a chair, table, lamp, his glasses and books. He is the bibliophile of the family. He frequently stacks books on most of the horizontal surfaces of our home while devouring their words. But this corner is not only a reading nook. It allows space for Ben to connect with God. Not distracted by his phone, computer or Facebook, his soul is wholly available to God. I love when I find him here, lost in the love our Savior has for him. Sometimes he invites me to sit with him. I enjoy feeling the warmth of his heart while hearing what God has revealed to him when he’s cloistered himself with Him. Then, with my head resting on Ben’s leg, his hand gently resting on my head, I feel connected not only to Ben but also to God.

Sanctuary. Find it. Cultivate it. Share it.

Where are sanctuaries in your home? If there are none, where can you create one?