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Shame Is A Tough Old Bird
After Being Lied To For Three Years, How Could I Possibly Believe Anything She Said?

Repurposing The Rubble

How Can I Trust You Again?

Dishonesty: that’s a hallmark of infidelity. Secrets and lies and deceit. Men and women honest in other areas of life become expert liars in the midst of affairs. Dishonesty shatters the foundational trust of the marital relationship. Initially, a heavy fog covers the hope of rebuilding trust. The lies are too many, too personal, too eyeball-to-eyeball to believe trust is possible again.

All of affair recovery is really about rebuilding trust. Exploring our emotions, examining our story from the beginning, facing the mirror, lifting our doubts to God: all these are elements in the construction of rebuilding trust. Truly trust must be rebuilt. It was given once but now a tedious building project from chaos is required.

“How can I trust you again?” flashes as a daily question for the betrayed to ponder and the betrayer to honor. New construction would be much easier than this remodel from the rubble. Yet, the repurposing of the rubble yields a beauty not possible without it.

Betrayed and Betrayer: Rescuing your marriage from the affair