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This Made Me Cry


We were young, selfish, immature and married. We had a lot to learn, and after just a few short years of marriage together we had broken each other's trust. Infidelity had creeped itself into our marriage, and it seemed very near to the end for us. We were not even sure if it was possible to ever love each other the way we had once hoped we would in our life together. But we simply began by speaking with Ben. Individually at first, and then together. After hearing Ben and Ann's story of redemption, there was a sliver of light and hope in our visions ahead. We attended Ben and Ann's marriage conference, which was ground breaking for us and we finally broke down our walls.

Then soon after, we joined a class led by Ben and Ann that had other couples just like us, and also different from us, all struggling in their marriages. We discussed our sorrows and our struggles, and celebrated the joys in our lives together too. We have never been a part of anything more authentic. We grew together spiritually, and as a couple, more than I can describe. Even though most of us from this group have moved, we will never lose the bond we have with them. They know us for who we truly are and there is something truly freeing about that.

Ben and Ann pursued us and our marriage, and we can never thank them enough for that. Now, almost 9 years and three kids later, our family has been called into His full-time ministry work. It's amazing to look back and see the work He's done, and what He accomplished through Ben and Ann in our lives. I never could have imagined then, the complete and satisfying joy and love God had waiting for us in our lives together. Thank you Lord, for sending them our way, and for showing us a better way!  ~Colorado Couple


Sometimes I wonder why I do what I do. Stories and friendships like these carry me a long way. This one is going in the book for sure. 

Betrayed and Betrayer: Rescuing your marriage from the affair by Ben and Ann Wilson

Coming January 2016