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What Do A New Appalachian Trail Record and Infidelity Recovery Have in Common?

Just when you think you have gone to the deepest darkest place, you have something more to give and you have deeper places to go.

~Scott Jurek


Scott Jurek and his wife Jenny summit the Appalachian Trail. Photo by Kit Fox

I first read about Ultramarathoner, Scott Jurek in the book, Born to Run. He won the Western States 100 miler seven times. He knows endurance. He knows pain, suffering, and perseverance. He also knows joy, peace and his own heart. What is amazing is that he wants to continue learning more.  

We can learn a lot about life from Scott Jurek. Sunday he set a thru-hike speed record on the Appalachian Trail. He averaged nearly 50 miles a day in covering the 2189 mile trail from Georgia to Maine. 

Pain, darkness, self-discovery and celebration are part of infidelity recovery just as they are part of Scott's journey. There are times you'll want to give up. Find something deeper inside. Keep going. evMy belief is one day you'll be on a mountain top popping a cork and spraying the sky with champagne.