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48 Hours To Go: Betrayed and Betrayer

Whoops! I was a day off. I was thinking our project deadline was Thursday at 8, but it's Friday at 8. Ann's the detail person and I'm the big picture one. :) 

Ann and I are planning on publishing a book in 2015. Betrayed and Betrayer: Rescuing Your Marriage After The Affair. Many are praying for the impact this book will have on couples who desperately need it due to their circumstances. We are most grateful. Truly. 

We also have those who are praying for our Kickstarter project to be successful and fully funded. We have a ways to go this last 48 hours. On one hand it is a big chunk of change and on the other it isn't that big if God draws in a person or two or three to provide. Know that any pledge, even a single dollar, is still encouraging for us. Truly. 

Along with the book, we desire to provide a well crafted website, with bells and whistles for couples shattered by infidelity to find guidance, free of charge. We've always been open source in that respect. 1.1 million lifetime hits on this blog since 2003 to help others. We want people to get the help they need however that is. 

We also want to market the book properly so couples, counselors and pastors know about it, learn from it and get it in the hands of those who need it. 

So thanks for your prayers. It's been a great 28 days so far. If you desire to contribute here is the kickstarter address.

With Kickstarter if a project isn't fully funded, none, zero, nunca, nada goes to the project so your contributions do still matter. 

Below is a picture of us from the Colorado mountains at the end of our last intensive.