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Race Report from Ironman Boulder, August 3rd, 2014

Race Report Boulder Ironman


2006 Weighed 300lbs

2007 Nutrisystem 230lbs

2010 May. After Afghanistan trip was back up to about 300lbs. 28936_416633048899_5555169_n

            Started riding my hybrid that had mostly slept in the garage for a year.

            Guys started talking about riding MS150. “You’re crazy. I could never do that.”

2010 June. First 30 mile ride. First contamination of GU.

2010 September. MS150. 80 miles each day. On a hybrid. I love pb&j. 240lbs

2011 January 270lbs 

2011 August  First Sprint Triathlon. Didn’t pee in pool.

2011 September First 112 mile ride in MS150. Invaded Lawrence in Mizzou Tiger jersey. 235lbs.

2011 December Watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

2012 January 260 lbs Switched to fruit and vegetable centered diet. Lost 45 lbs in 60 days.

2012 September First Oly, Club Nationals at Redman in OKC. First time peeing in wetsuit. It was borrowed.         201lbs

2013 January 230lbs

2013 June. First 70.3 Ironman Kansas 207lbs. Stormed like hell the night before the race and almost flooded the rented camper. Pee’d in a rented wetsuit.

2014 January 220lbs

2014 August 195lbs Boulder Ironman

Pee’d in my own wetsuit while swimming 2.4 miles in 92 minutes.

Kissed my wife in transition.

On the bike 6:22 for 112 miles in beautiful Boulder, Larimer and Weld counties.

Kissed my wife in transition.

Ran (loose term) 6:09 for my first marathon, 26.2 miles.

Dipped and kissed my wife around mile 14. 10562703_10152730847633900_7388764378884114264_o

Finished first Ironman Boulder in 14:32:03.

High fived lots of people I didn’t know.

On 13th and Pearl I heard Mike Reilly say, “Ben Wilson…You are an Ironman.”

High fived friends, wife and daughter.

Kissed my wife again to celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary.

My daughter’s smile and pride in me is a gift I’ll hold tight forever. 

Son posts, "Move over Tony, there's a new Ironman in town."

Three days later told my story of going from Fat Guy to Ironman to a precious group of women in a weight loss support group.

My heart smiles.

My quads are still pleasantly sore.