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Humbled by a Response from Australia

I thought she might tell me where to stick it. She struggled with this post on men being visual. It wrecked her. And then she shut down her soul. I hurt for her when she wrote about it, but nothing would change until she told her husband what was going on. 

And she did!

Wow, I was stunned because I really did expect her to be furious. You can read her initial comment at the end of the post, my response and here is what this courageous, open hearted woman shared tonight,

Thank you for encouraging me to share my feelings with my husband. Although it felt uncomfortable it was good advice. I had hardened my heart so much toward him that our marriage suffered greatly. He had no idea that I felt that way and cried knowing I had been living like this.

He said he just assumed I thought like he did when I saw an attractive man and it didn't bother him if I did as it's an observation not lust which needs feeding. Regardless of what his private experience is I have been challenged to move God to centre and rely on Him for significance.

It can be hard being female (who need security) and live in a society which grades women as worthy of love or not dependent on their outward appearance, especially when the standard is getting higher and younger and always reminding us. Then learning your husband is reminded constantly's undersandable women get upset.

Thank you again for encouraging me to be honest and I pray God will give each woman here peace as they seek to accept what may not be easily understood. Peace to you too.

Thanks Mel. I appreciate your blessings of peace.