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333/444 Healing from Infidelity: Screw The Pain, Today We Celebrate

Look at those numbers, 333/444. I love it. That fraction symbolizes perfection and perseverance to me. 3 is a number of perfection in the bible, most easily seen in the trinity. 444, well, that is a bunch of days to go through while pain slam dances inside. 

Screw the pain, today we celebrate! We are 75% down this road. Woohoo! We haven't arrived, we still have to stay focused and in the process, but we have come the perfect distance so far. And today as I write, yesterday as you read, Ann and I celebrate 27 years of marriage. It's humbling to look at that and to know we almost tossed it away. 

Just this past month we would have tossed away a fantastic soul feast of a trip to upper lower and lower upper Michigan. They have a funny way of talking about their state up there. ;) We would have missed taking part in the wedding of two good friends. We would have lost spending time together with our kids and others at Ann's family reunion which included a Silver Dollar City trip, a wiener roast, strawberry and blueberry pies and heaven illuminating fireworks display. The Cabin Crew celebrated extravagantly, Ozark Mountain style in southern Missouri. And, we would have missed spending the 27th anniversary of our wedding day leading a wedding rehearsal for another fine young couple. And we would have missed writing this blog post.

Praise God, he brought us through each time we wanted to quit because it was just too hard. And it was hard and it is hard for you. It's hard now, I know, because marriage can be hard in good circumstances and dealing with an affair is hardly what anyone would call good. 

There is always a twist in the story. In his whimsy, God winks at us. The Kingdom is an upside down one. The last will be first and when I am weak he is strong. In our weakness we cry out to God and he hears and he listens. He moves pretty freakin' slow sometimes it seems but he hears and when we are at the end of our rope, he does his best work. 

27 Years!!!!  Woohoo!!!! Celebrate with us and some day we will celebrate with you. 

You're blessed when you're at the end of your rope. With less of you there is more of God and his rule.

~Matthew 5:3