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280/444 Healing from Infidelity: Why Redeem Non-sexual Touch
282/444 Healing from Infidelity: Non-sexual Touch Improves Your Sex Life

281/444 Healing from Infidelity: Cherishing Through Touch

Non-sexual physical intimacy is important because it teaches us To Cherish. It is a form of cherishing and honoring.

This allows a woman especially, to feel valued for who she is, not only for her body parts. It communicates to her that she is more than her breasts and her buttocks.

We heard a couple speak about their recovery from his sexual addiction. They discussed his means of 'reconnecting' when he returned from work. He would come home and grab her crotch when she met him. Eventually, she got sick and tired of it and turned around and grabbed his crotch. She grabbed his crotch hard. He said that’s as close as he’s ever come to hitting her.

But, he got her message. He was treating her as body parts and she desired to be treated and valued as a whole person. She wanted to be cherished. Like every woman, she's wired for it. 

“Non-sexual touch – touch that is directed toward a woman’s heart and mind rather than to her body – speaks volumes sexually.  The man who learns and respects this powerful paradox will reap rewards.” Counselor Tim Clinton, author of The Marriage You’ve Always Wanted.

But non-sexual touch isn't just a blessing for women. I appreciate a touch here and a pat there from my wife. When she touches me I feel like she likes me and chooses me. I feel special to her.