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253/444 Healing from Infidelity: Read Scripture Together

Today's topic is brought to you by Mr. Obvious. To be closer spiritually, study scripture together. Profound, I know. It sounds so simple, but why do so few couples do this? Could be they just aren't sure how to do it in a way they both find engaging. Let's look at some options.

A couple can attend a bible study together. This can be a great way to meet other couples, share on deeper levels in a safe group, and learn more about different stories and books of the bible. 

This next option is a significant pathway to share from the core of ones soul. Don't just read scripture (either alone or together). Afterward reading, share the impact of the passages on your soul. I always love it when Ann exposes what God is up to inside her lovely self. I feel closer and let in on what the creator of the universe is revealing to and in her.

A couple can also find a devotional to read together. Devotions are usually 1-3 pages and are a time limited way of spending time with God. There are many types and and lengths of devotions for couples or scripture study in general. Be sure not to rush it just to mark it off the list. Linger together over what you've read. 

We have also had a great time reading other books that discuss scripture or biblical principles or contain biblical themes. One of my absolute favorites was reading all of the Narnia books out loud for our family devotional while Ann and I were grad students at CCU. We'll also at times read the same book or one of us will read a book that has a big impact then share it with the other. I've shared a book like Blue Like Jazz with her and she's shared Do You Think I'm Beautiful with me. Be as creative as you like here.

Finally, just talking about life and God grows spiritual intimacy. Be sure and have a listening ear and heart as your spouse shares from this vulnerable area. 

One way to do this is to use these questions at the end of the Spiritual Intimacy posts. This is our ninth post on Spiritual Intimacy.

Here is your question, "When did I give and receive the most love today?"