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Thanks Lifeway

Received this nice email from Valerie at Lifeway.

Check out the article.

Hi, Ben. I work with of LifeWay Christian Resources, the publisher of Parenting Teens magazine that published your article in its April issue. We added the article to in April. And have shared it on social media. Since then it has received a lot of traffic (close to 4,000 views) and is currently ranked on the first page (third when I checked today) in Google for the search term "emotional affair."

I thought you'd want to know what an impact is it having. If you would like to link to it on your site or mention it in your social media channels. Here's the link to the article:

Are you on Google+? If so, you can add as one of your contributors and it will add your photo to the search results (which has been proven to increase page views to a particular search results listing).

We know the great ministry value an article like this can have and are very thankful to you for sharing it with us. We pray it reaches many more people who need help and healing in their marriages and relationships. Blessings, Valerie