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Surfing for God Intensive Workshop for Men: Sex, Desire and God

Here’s how the Sex, Desire, and God Intensive Workshop will specifically benefit your journey of healing:

  • Participate in live instruction from Michael Cusick, author of Surfing for God, and nationally recognized expert in the healing of sexual addiction and sexual brokenness.
  • Discover the emotional, relational, and spiritual roots of your compulsive and out of control behavior.
  • Recognize the legitimate thirsts and desires beneath your struggle.
  • Learn how to connect the reality of your thirsts and desires to your relationship with God.
  • Identify your soul brokenness and connect how it relates to acting out sexually.
  • Understand how shame keeps you locked in a vicious cycle of sexual sin.
  • Demolish spiritual strongholds–shame based beliefs and lies.
  • Interrupt the endless cycle of “lather, rinse, repeat”.
  • Discover the neurological realities of porn addiction to  ”reboot” and “rewire” your brain.
  • Journey with other men struggling with similar issues.
  • Establish a plan to continue your journey to freedom.

I'll be there as adjunct faculty helping with small groups. Getting away with others with similar struggles often leads to great healing and growth. Being removed from our daily routine somehow opens the door to more fully experience grace and acceptance, vanquishing the lies we believe. 

Save $100 by signing up by November 7th.