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401/444 Encounter God’s Grace: His Power to Restore
403/444 Healing from Infidelity: Autumn Grace

402/444 Encounter God’s Grace: His Delight

He will take great delight in you…

There are times in my life that I don’t feel that God delights in me. Like when I get so crabby at work that I snap at my coworkers and close the door, as well as my heart, so all will know not to bother me. Like when I get so frustrated with myself that I punch a hole in the wall because I’ve let time get away from me and I now have 5 minutes to make myself pretty for a wedding. Like when I feel the black cloud of darkness hover over my heart making it difficult to drink in the wonder of the light and life in the world around me. Like when I feel overwhelmed and incredibly inadequate for the tasks that I need to complete so I just freeze and get nothing done. Like when I am a mess, which is just about every day. These are the times, and many more, that I don’t feel God’s delight.  

These are also the times that I desperately need to cling to this verse. It doesn’t say ‘He might’ (even though it rhymes!), or ‘He could’ or even ‘He should’. No. It says ‘He will’. It is comforting to me during those  times I feel distant from His delight to be reminded that He will take great delight in me. Even when I’m closing my heart to Him, He will take great delight in me. Even when I’m at my worst, He will take great delight in me.

He never stops trying to catch our attention with His delight because His Love for us and the Grace He pours out on us won’t let him stop. I am ever grateful that He is unable to resist pouring His delight. May you experience His delight today in the richest of ways.