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347/444 Healing from Infidelity: Beauty and Wonder

Ann and I took the convertible on this cool evening to our good friends' house to eat grilled pork and chicken and quinoa, and zucchini and potatoes and pineapple. My stomach is well pleased.  

Afterward, we sat on the deck as light turned to dark. They live in the country and the sky gave us a canopy of lumens. The guy was taken by the vastness of it all. He scientifically and illustratively talked about how close we really are to the sun and how far it is across the Milky Way and then how even farther it is to the next star. And that's just the start with the vast number of stars. He offered to the sky, "I am filled with wonder."

The gal heard him and said, "I'm not filled with wonder. I'm taken by the beauty of it all. I could look at it for hours because it is so beautiful."

Beauty and wonder touch our souls beyond words. And I like that.