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                  “Pleasing is the fragrance of your perfumes…” Song of Songs 1:3 (NIV)  

I like burning candles…or the smell of good food cookin’!

I like the aroma of lilac and honeysuckle bushes. 

I like the scent of dark coffee brewing and bacon sizzling. 

Freshly mown grass.

Ann's neck after she bathes. 

Stop and Sniff one another ;)

                  No…not really, but be aware of the scents around you and what they stir in your soul, pleasant and unpleasant.

What are some of your favorite scents? Least favorites?


Check out the scientific data on the benefits of pleasing fragrances.

Research has shown that fragrances have significant measurable effects on mood states. Craig and Warrenburg developed a self-administered, quantitative method that measures subjective mood changes evoked by fragrances. They found that eight major factors of mood are affected by fragrance.

They include a beneficial effect on:

  • irritation
  • stress
  • depression
  • apathy  

They also include the enhancement of

  • happiness
  • sensuality
  • relaxation
  • stimulation

Basically fragrance is emotional. There is an anatomical basis for this. The sense of smell is directly plugged into human limbic system of the brain. This is the region where emotions and memories also reside. Consequently, fragrance evokes a hedonic response of pleasure or displeasure and an emotional response of happiness and relaxation.

Manne and Redd used fragrance materials to reduce distress during magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).  Eighty-five patients undergoing MRI scans participated in the trial at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Patients who were exposed to fragrance while undergoing an MRI experienced approximately 63% less overall anxiety than a control group of patients who were not exposed to a fragrance.

The mood benefits of fragrances can have positive effects in real life situations as reported by Dr.S. Schiffman. It has been shown that the use of fragrance can improve mood in both women and men at mid-life. Feelings of tension, depression, and confusion were significantly alleviated by pleasant fragrance in female subjects.

Research on the role of fragrances on mood in a controlled laboratory setting were measured by Torii et al (23) by CNV amplitude, by Behan et al using EEG and Ansari et al using functional MRI. The relaxing aspects of certain fragrances were validated by scientific data. Also, Weigand and co-workers studied the effect of relaxing fragrances on lowering Cortisol levels and increasing slgA levels. These findings formed the basis of claims for fragrances used in relaxing personal wash products.

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