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245/444 Healing from Infidelity: Spirituality 3, Faith in Chaos
247/444: Healing from Infidelity: Spiritual Intimacy 5, Being and Doing

246/444 Healing from Infidelity: Spiritual Intimacy 4, Intentional

So how does a couple develop spiritual intimacy? Good question and the answer varies a bunch from couple to couple.  We'll go through some general guidelines. But know that we are constantly aware of our own need for growth in this area. Sometimes we feel close like velcro hook and velcro loop. Other times we get so busy doing stuff (sometimes really good stuff for God) that we forget to share what God is doing in our souls.

First off, and maybe you knew this was coming by now, BE INTENTIONAL.

Intimacy doesn’t just magically happen…you have to develop it. As we go through these we are going to have a question for you to discuss with your spouse. It's just one question but we believe it will help a couple go deeper with God and each other. 

Today's question: What did you experience or do today that caused you to be in deeper connection with God, others and yourself?