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We want to help you along with being intentional about developing Emotional Intimacy in your marriage. We'll post exercises over the next few days for you to do with your spouse. 

How would you like to be shown that you are chosen?

Make a list of “cherishing behaviors” that you would enjoy receiving from one another. Follow these guidelines as you make your list…

  • They must be specific and positive, ‘do something’ rather than ‘don’t do something’. 
  • They must be achievable, not requiring excessive time or expense.
  • Think back to the most satisfying times of your courtship and marriage to discover ideas.
  • Don’t discount any idea as trivial. 


1) Call me during the day just to hear my voice

2) Ask me out on a date, then plan it

3) Hug me for no specific reason

4) Rent a chick-flick/action movie and watch it with me

5) Bring me vanilla frozen custard from Good Times (Ann) or any ice cream that isn't coffee or mint flavored (Ben)  

6) Play my favorite sport with me or watch me play it 

Now make your own list. Make it as long as you like. Keep the the list of your spouse handy and choose to take different actions to bless your spouse.