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232/444 Healing from Infidelity: Emotional Intimacy 11, Relax

Years ago in Denver, we attended a conference with Brennan Manning, the author of The Ragamuffin Gospel, Ruthless Trust and Abba's Child. I remember Ben and I having lunch with Norm and Lisa at Morrison Inn and having some amazing mexican food, but I honestly don't remember a whole lot about what Brennan said that day. One memory that has stuck with me is how he described how he would relax and center his soul. He would breathe "Abba" in and breathe "I belong to you" out.

This isn't just a meditation technique, it is a reminder of who it is that we belong to and then every interaction and every thought and every thing can be seen through that filter. I have adopted this rhythm of relaxation when I can't sleep..."Abba...I belong to you"...when I have difficulty focusing..."Abba...I belong to you"...when I am angry..."Abba...I belong to you"...when I am so melancholy I can barely move my lips to utter the words..."Abba...I belong to you".   And as I utter those words and I remember that I belong to Him, that He gave up everything for me, my soul quiets and I can once again relax in the presence of my spouse, my children, my coworkers, my own weary soul.

Spend some time today (or in the next few days) in your own rhythm of relaxation. Remember Who it is that you belong to. Once you are completely settled and centered, seek out your spouse and spend some time relaxing together. Enjoy this time together. Enjoy just being in one another's presence. No agenda, no phones, no texts, no Facebook, no e-reader, no television. Just the two of you.