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230/444 Healing from Infidelity: Sabbath in the Ozarks

I stumbled upon some writing by my Daddy describing what life was like when he grew up during the depression. His family lived in the “the great Ozarks plateau region that is known for the steep hills and mountains, the great diversity of trees, plant life and wild animals.” They worked hard to raise or grow the majority of their food. But he had many fond memories of this time of his life, despite the hard work…

“My grandparents lived on land that joined ours. I could walk a half mile or so either direction and get fresh baked cookies from a grandparent. Families were really close and neither parent worked away from home. I didn’t even know anyone in our community who worked away from home, and now about 50 years later almost everyone in our community has at least one and most families have two wage earners who work away from home – what a change.”

May you have many fond memories of this time of your life, despite the hard work of restoring your marriage. And may you only have to walk a short distance to cookies and Sabbath time with your family today.

~Ann Wilson