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Let's face it.  Some of the worst decisions we ever make come out of anger. With that in mind let's take a look at making some of the best decisions you can ever make out of anger. These decisions fall in the category of investing in personal growth.

During difficult times in marriage, we often don’t receive nurturing from one another so it is important to nurture yourself. As life gets busy and we get in routines we can forget to do the little things that nourish our souls. These can include things like:

1)    New hair style.

2)    Do some of your favorite activities. Maybe you used to attend sporting events, plays, concerts or movies and haven't done so lately. Ann and I went to the symphony last weekend and it really was refreshing to my soul. Perhaps you used to garden and haven't done so for a couple years. This year could be the one to get back into it. 

3)    Change the way you dress, find your own style!

4)    Start exercising. My doctor told me once that the chemicals produced in exercising are better than any drug he can prescribe for me. 

5)   Engage in soul training/spiritual disciplines that help you get in touch with God. 

Remember, this is not free license to max out credit cards or escape the relationship, but an encouragement to know yourself and your likes and dislikes more. Don't create more problems for yourself in trying to grow. 

 The idea isn't to just grow externally. With internal growth, external changes are more meaningful.