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140/444 Healing from Infidelity: Purposes of Anger
141/444 Healing from Infidelity: Couple styles of Expressing Anger

Marriages Restored Conference at FBC Warrensburg, MO this Friday

Only five more days until our next conference. Whether you are attending or not we value your prayers for us and the other couples speaking and for the couples attending. 

There is still time to register. Register here. 

Let me share with you some words from the wife of a couple who attended our last Marriages Restored Conference in Warrensburg. 

We attended the conference and didn’t know what to expect. Our marriage had been through so much, and I can remember entering in the church doors that weekend with a feeling of hopelessness. I wondered if I could ever feel “in love” again. I knew if I was ever going to feel that way again I had to move past the pain and resentment I felt with my spouse.

The first reassuring thing for us to see was the other couples that seemed to be in a similar situation or low valley as we were. We listened to the speaking couples telling their stories of betrayal, lies, pain and forgiveness; I knew then we could start our journey toward forgiveness and acceptance too.  It was at that time we both committed to working on repairing our marriage and forgiving each other.

I was so thankful that our journey was not expected to come to an end at the conclusion of the conference. We were fortunate enough to continue our efforts in a Sunday school class with some of the other couples we met at the conference. This Sunday school class proved to be more than the average class. We grew together as a group and encouraged each other as we shared about our painful times as well as times of happiness. It was amazing to see how similar we all were, even though we all had different stories. We will forever be connected to the facilitators and other couples in the group as they helped us get through the hard times so we could get to the happy times. 

It is a great privilege to be friends with many couples who have been helped by attending the conference, the follow up group on Sunday if logistically possible or a 3 or 4 day intensive. If your marriage is in a tough place I hope you'll join us this weekend.