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134/444 Healing from Infidelity: Water for Elephants Review

My young friend, Jenn and I co-facilitated a group last fall for women who had been sexually abused. I was amazed often at the depth of her questions and perception as she interacted with women sorting through the most painful events in their lives.

In her blog post today she reviewed the film, Water for Elephants. I appreciate her passion and anger about the manner in which affairs are generally portrayed in movies and media. I also appreciated her link to our upcoming Marriages Restored Conference on January 27th and 28th. Finally, I especially appreciated these words, 

I hope more movies will show that an investment in a struggling marriage results in greater happiness for that couple in the end. Show a husband and wife about to call it quits then finding help. And not with cheesy Growing Pains guy either. Please. You've made a vow before God in marrying someone. Value that.

Check out her post.