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61/444 Healing from Infidelity: Stars

A while ago I went to a men's retreat in the mountains.  It was a working retreat at a camp primarily used by kids.  We split up into teams and built decks on the four cabins.  It was good, honest physical labor. God bless you guys that do construction day in and day out.  

I had not seen all of the stars in the sky in so long.  There were so many.  I had forgotten.  The last time I remember being stunned like that by the stars was driving through western Kansas at night.  The stars go all the way to the ground.  Truly gorgeous and points to a caring, thoughtful Creator.  I felt drawn to a majestic artist.

I couldn't see any stars due to the lights at the football game tonight.  What a contrast with all the flash and glitz versus all the quiet, yet startling beauty of the sky and mountains from this weekend.  I left the mountains rested and more alive.  I left the game tonight strangely empty.  

I had fun in some aspects.  There were a ton of great athletes on the field making great plays.  Ann and I spent some fun time together.  But we had a couple of obnoxious drunks around who finally got thrown out.  It wasn't lost on me that in my early 20's that could have been me.  The contrived flash and pomp and noise, all the noise, noise noise (grinch) felt, well..contrived.  

I felt their pressure to entertain me and make sure my attention was kept versus the restful beauty of the mountains at night which felt more like I was enjoying the scene with someone and not having something done to me. At the game they were saying, "I got you."  In the mountains He was saying, "Isn't this beautiful?  I want to share it with you."

So, I'll still go to more football games.  They have their place.  I just won't expect them to satisfy my soul like they used to do.