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56/444 Healing from Infidelity: Shawshank

I'd like you to watch a film clip that is an illustration of the process we’re talking about.  Are you willing to stay in the prison of a marriage with little or no intimacy, or are you willing to pay the price-even if it is costly-as it is for Andy Dufresne in this clip?

Andy has been in prison for nearly twenty years for murders that he didn't commit. This scene shows his journey to freedom from a situation that would seemingly never end. 

He used a small geologists hammer to tunnel out of the limestone prison.  His friend Red said, "I remember thinking it would take a man 600 years to tunnel out of the wall with it. Andy did it in less than 20."

Red continued, "Andy loved geology...geology is the study of pressure and time. That's all it takes really. Pressure and time."

Just a heads up that there is a little profanity in the narration of Andy's Escape. 

Watch Andy's Escape

Be willing to keep going, even if it hurts so bad, the crap stinks so bad you want to vomit.

When almost every ounce in you wants to turn around, keep going.  

When both spouses are moving, even it is at different paces, there is hope.

Don’t give up.

We’ve seen this process in our  lives, we’ve seen it in the lives of other couples.

You really can do this even if you don't see the way out of the prison cell right now. Know that God sees you. 

For us it was worth going through all the crap to find freedom in our relationships with God and in our marriage.  At times all we can do is raise our hands in worship to the mystery of a God who redeems the mess of our greatest wounds and our greatest sins.