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20/444 Healing from Infidelity: Exhaustion is Enemy Number One

Sunday Sabbath Post.  Part of the Sabbath is to stop and take stock of your soul.  In general we won't be able to do that unless we practice the discipline of sleep.  

In these initial three weeks of dealing with an affair sleep is often lacking.  The pain and chaos make it difficult to truly enter a restful sleep.  Ann and I had many conversations deep into the morning hours.  We also gave each other permission to wake the other up and talk any time day or night if something felt like it just couldn't wait. It was a great time of building more closeness though at the time we didn't necessarily have that goal in mind.  

Affairs are sometimes precipitated by busyness and a soul exhaustion that is ignored.  A person comes along that brings what appears to be life into that depleted heart, the spark ignites under the illusion that this is real life, until the inevitable explosion sprays fragments of pain in all directions.

James Bryan Smith in Good and Beautiful God says this, 'The number one enemy of Christian spiritual formation today is exhaustion...We are made to spend a large portion of our existence essentially doing nothing (sleep). The failure to do so results in damage to physical health, loss of energy and decreased productivity. And our sleep depravation hurts others.  

Smith's 1st soul trainging exercise is sleep.  This week sleep at least one day until you can't sleep anymore. Stay in bed until you are fully rested. Let your family know what you are doing. Also, try to get at least 7 hours on three different days. More days would be better but you have to start somewhere.  

Slow down, find rest for your soul, be intentional about getting plenty of sleep during this chaotic time.