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Speaking Up: Kirk Douglas on Beauty

Appreciating beauty seems to be the theme of my reading today.  First, there was a devotional featuring wonderful words by Simone Weil. She said, "...a sense of beauty...if it were made true and pure would sweep all secular life in a body to the feet of God, it would make the total incarnation of the faith possible."

Then, I stumbled upon the article linked below via @weightinvain on twitter.  

Kirk Douglas puts great words to appreciating beauty.  It's an essential category for healing and growing ones soul.  Somehow, it helps us to know we aren't the point. We are valued and cherished but we aren't the point.  

Also, if you are in painful place in your marriage right now, wondering how in the world you'll ever get through it, I hope his words for his present day marriage give you a vision to hang onto about what can be possible for you. 

In my situation I felt trapped in a dark, hopeless place with a woman I hated.  I saw no way through the blackness with this woman. Before, I couldn't have imagined not growing old with her.  Now, I wanted to fly far away. Yet she was a woman I loved. 

I encourage you to pray into the images that Kirk Douglas offers.  Pray into the tenderness, the thoughtfulness, the small caring acts of kindness for one another he and his wife Anne show one another in their wrinkledness.  

When you are able to reach through the fullness of your pain today and extend your hand to bless your spouse in small kindness there will emerge the genesis of hope that you'll someday be toweling one another off in your nineties.