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Sign up for Marriages Restored Conference in Indy.

Sign up for our upcoming conference at Mount Pleasant Christian Church in Greenwood, Indiana.  

Ann and I are stoked for our time there and hope you'll join us. 

It's only $25 so that will leave you plenty of cash for room, meals etc. if you have to travel in for a bit.  Or even if you live right there it can be a good thing to grab a hotel room and take a break from the responsibilities at home while you focus on your marriage.   

Our hope is to give men and women hope whose marriages need a turn or a jumpstart no matter the depth of darkness they may be experiencing right now.  The light shines brightest in the darkness so we aren't afraid to go there and guide you through it. 

It can really be aweful at times but eventually a marriage can transition to awe full.  Eventually is generally longer than we like it to be but you gotta get started somewhere so come and join us.