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Marriage Conference in Indianapolis

I'm going back to Indiana.  I was last there in October of 1995. A month later was the biggest leap of forgiveness as Ann and I wrassled through her affair.  In October I had no clue if we'd make it and by the end of November I was positive we would.  It was an overnight fourteen month change from the revelation in September of '94.  

Mount Pleasant Christian Church on the south side of metro-Indy is hosting us for a Marriages Restored Conference on April 29th and 30th.  This conference is for those couples experiencing more struggle than closeness in their marriages.    Contact Ken Jones at MPCC for more information.  

If your marriage is in a tough place due to a betrayal or other challenge this weekend has the potentional to provide a new vector for you as we honestly share our struggles and change. We'll also help you navigate through difficult yet meaningful conversations with your spouse and our hope is that you'll see that in the darkest of times a speck of light can appear and slowly begin to grow.