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My Story and Addiction

Aadiction Sermon Ben

Recently I had the privilege of sharing on addictions at my church.  Essentially we held a Celebrate Recovery service on Sunday morning with the whole church.  I shared my story of battling alcohol and attempting to destroy my own heart.  But God's grace was and is bigger than my shame and my idolatry.  It's a beautiful thing.  My friend Katie helped with the 8 principles from CR and at the end my friend Rob courageously shared some of his struggle and how he is giving back.    

At my 30 year reunion last summer the 3 most asked questions of me were 1) Where did your hair go 2) Are you still playing golf 3) Whaaaaaa???  You're doing whaaaa?  At a church? How did that happen?  This recording is the answer to 3 a,b,c,d.  And yes I know addiction is misspelled on the mp3.  I do that sometimes to make stuff easier to find.  I liked the way it looked so I just left it that way.  :)