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for the sweet love of god: motherhood

my oldest is 8 today. i don't know how that happened, really. on the one hand, it seems like i've known wyatt my whole life; on the other, wasn't it just yesterday that i was buckling him into his car seat, tying his little shoes, putting him in his high chair? now he traps me in his very logical arguments, asks deep questions about God and the meaning of life, wants his hair long, has sleepovers with friends, reads harry potter, and pretty much thinks he runs the joint a good bit of the time. well, i figured that since it's wyatt's birthday--a day that always makes me reflect on how and when he came into this world and into our lives and changed us irrevocably--i'd post something i wrote a while back about motherhood. happy birthday to my sweet and feisty wyatt. _______________________________


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