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The Early Days – What Helped « Emmy’s Story

There are times I think about shutting down the blog and then something like this pops up.  I realize that, guess what, people are having affairs and people are being betrayed and they desperately need to find some hope in the chaos of those early days following the revelation.  
One of the ways we find hope is by hearing stories.  So I'll keep our story out there and I'll keep posting or reposting other aspects of navigating the choppy waters of infidelity.  Blessings to Emmy and Mark and others of you who have overcome affairs to have an exceptional marriage.  Blessings to you if you are walking through the deep pain of it all and are searching for hope.  
Below is a link to a post from Emmy that links here and shares how the posts here helped.  I hope you'll check out the rest of her blog too.  

An affair is a blow to your attractiveness of the worst kind. The best advice I can give is not to own that. Fight it with everything you have. Ugly was what I read from the woman in Mark’s e-mails. Her words revealed a user who needed men to tell her she was beautiful so she could feel okay about herself. It shone through every manipulative e-mail she sent my husband. Everything was about her. There was nothing beautiful in that.