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John Daly, er...Tiger Woods Leaves House with Bloody Face after Rumors Circulate of Affair

Tiger Woods made the news in a John Daly (golf's oft drunken bad boy) type of story.  While the reports are extra extra clear that alcohol was not involved in the 2:30 Black Friday morning one car accident, what did happen?

We have Tiger Woods hitting a fire hydrant and a tree.  We have Tiger Woods with a bloody mouth and lacerated face laying on the street.  We have his wife Elin breaking the back glass of the SUV  (used to be a Buick, not sure now) with some sort of Nike golf club following a breaking story of Tiger involved in an affair.  

It's not too far out of the realm of possibilities that Tiger was unfaithful in some way, Elin was understandably upset and in a flurry of emotion cut Tiger's face in some way.  Couples in the first days of an affair revelation are sometimes up at 2:30 having heated conversations.  In the aftermath of the fight, to protect his wife, Tiger may have staged a car wreck to find an alternative explanation for the facial lacerations.  Did that happen?  Who knows?

What I do know is that anyone is vulnerable to an affair.  Money solves a lot of problems in living but doesn't touch the deepest desires and longings in our hearts.  I know that travel is a vulnerable place for any man or woman where short term pleasures cast the illuson of being worth the risk.  

Whatever the story I hope the best for Tiger and Elin.  He is human with a heart, soul and feelings.  She is a tender woman who has gone through many changes including becoming a mother in the last few years. May they find honesty and healing and focus learning even more fully that there is way more to life than golf.