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Good Things Happened at Get Closer

Ann and I really enjoyed ourselves at Get Closer.  There was a mix of couples who were in a good place looking to build and the positives and for couples in difficult spots who started some painful, yet beneficial conversations and have some significant work ahead. 

The stories always help couples to see that they can be honest and vulnerable and it is a good thing.  Hope seems to sift into the room during the sharing of the stories.  Each one touches the room and the couples and individuals differently.  Dealing with infertility, anger, infidelity, family issues, kid issues, sexuality, alcohol and the rest seem to always to touch a needed area of healing in some manner. 

We heard some comments that our openness was helpful.  Saying the words erection and orgasm when we talked about sex were new for some to hear from the main stage at church even it was not on a Sunday.

Ann and I grow closer each time we lead one of these.  We spend so much time reading and talking.  We debrief on where we are as a couple, what God is up to in each of our hearts and are reminded of details of our story and the stories of others that highlight God's past and present love in our lives. 

Thanks to all those who volunteered with brochures, sharing your story, food prep and service, music, registration, child care, hula hoops and beach balls, movie clips, coffee and anything else. 

Prayers for all couples who attended.  May you know God more deeply through your marriage.